Monday, 22 June 2015

Looking Back

He was sitting in his backyard,bent over his newspaper.Mind wandering.A sudden shriek made him look up to see his grandchildren running,fighting,playing,rolling over each other with laughter.One of them asked the other one to climb up the big banyan tree that had been tenderely cared after since time immemorial.The other kid refused saying what if he fell down and failed to reach the top.Everyone would laugh.
An untold agony spread across the old man's heart,sitting and looking at his grandchildren.The past came haunting.The day when he had refused to live his dreams,his passion because of  the fear of failiure that not him but the world had implanted in his mind 50 years ago.Looking back,he found nothing substantial that he had done with his life that could now make him happy except his family and bank account.All his talent,dreams laid buried down somewhere deep in the past.He had nothing but the regret to have lived the life that he did not expect to but was expected of him by the world.Regrets,regrets and only regrets.Nothing else.

Friday, 3 April 2015


Through the night,the darkness slowly crept up into the emptiness.She lied in her bed,fighting against her own tears as her vision of the starry sky outside her bedroom's window became blurred time and again.The words echoed in the hollow of her head.She wanted to ask if really was it a crime to be what you want to be?Or is it for the society to decide your way of living?Haven't I been born to fulfill my dreams and aspirations and not theirs?But who would listen?who would answer?
"We are not going to let you go astray,making your stupid dream career.You will do exactly what we think is the best for you.Abandon every other thought you have."
The echo grew louder as did her ache.The most painfull of all things breaking is dreams because they are the ones that make no noise when they break but the kill the person on the inside dreaming them.She had nothing left.The only asset she possessed had been snatched away from her,encaging her in bars of societal expectations.She rolled around in her bed,buried down her face into the pillow and for the numereth time that night began the wailing of the shattered girl.

Friday, 21 November 2014


Hiee people.My very sincere apologies to all the readers for i have been absent from the blog for such a long time.I have been trapped in such a curious world for the last two months that nothing makes sense to me right now.I am at that fork of my life from where either everything would be settled entirely or be destroyed.The board examination that is the life shaping exam (according to almost every parent in India) is what i have to go through in the coming next 3 months and that is the reason why i have not been able to come up with anything but only the chapters in my textbooks.I apologise once again and would try to bring my mind together up once again so that i can chase my passion rather than running forward to join the crowd that the society thinks is correct.Thank u for supporting and your messages.Love you all. :)

Thursday, 21 August 2014

If there is a reason,then its not love.

In the silence of the night with the moon giving out a faint light,they both stood there on the cliff top among the unending green valleys and mountains,the sound of the insects and crickets filling the quietness.The beautiful background made no difference to their eyes which were fixed on each other.She looked up while he stared down at her.
"Why do you love me so much?" ,he asked.
"I dont have any reason for that.Some things are more beautiful when they are unreasonable,aren't they?" ,she replied.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


She stood there in an uneasy anticipation.The surge of emotions fought from within to splurge out but she fought back equally stronger to hold them inward.She no more could find her voice to speak.As the hands of the clock played around,moving from one number to another,her hopes moved too from high to low.Slowly the feeling of vain expectations started taking her into it's clutches.
And then he appeared,across the border of the country which had held him captivated.Before her mind could speculate her next move,she found herself running towards him.The barriers were finally vanishing today.The prisoner of war had been set free.The next moment,she found herself tightly enclosed in his arms,involuntary tear's flowing out of their eye's.The wait of 22 years was finally over.The love that had submerged these two souls in itself 22 years ago stood their,still,smiling at it's victory of reunion.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

A hollowness

His hand had been tracing the lines on her hand for long.His fingers slowly found their way to slip through her's.Their hands were entwined.The surrounding was drowned in the silence of the darkness.Only the sound of their breathing filled the beautiful silence of the night.He locked his eyes onto her's.The embrace of his lips on her's,that feeling of his lips brushing against her skin should have felt heavenly but suddenly it seemed all her feelings had abandoned her.Nothing she could feel.The numbness had taken over her.Even her tears had vacated her.She wanted to cry but she couldn't.No feeling came.Neither of happiness nor of pain.He was kissing her just the way she had ever wanted.It was everything she had ever wanted and then it was nothing that she had ever wanted.And it was because he had changed.It was not the same him with whom she had dreamt of those dreams.There was a guy today kissing her passionately,loving her unconditionally but he was a different guy.It had been just two months with him.
She had thought she had moved over him in the past 6 months,the guy to whom she had given away herself but today,the question still lingered as the "other guy" moved down slowly to kiss her on the neck.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Exams?Or disguised murderer?

Scribble.Scribble.Scribble.There was an eerie silence pertaining in the examination hall where 30 students sat,scribbling on a piece of paper their answers which were going to determine the future of each of them. “Last five minutes.” the invigilator announced.The scribbling got faster.His hands ached from writing continuously for the last three hours.He wanted to give up yet he could not.He wanted to cry for he knew he won’t be able to score more than 70% in the boards but he just didn’t have the time for it.He wrote and wrote till the sheet was snatched.The blow of reality struck him hard.He sat there still in the hall while the others moved out.70% and no admission in any good college.What would my parents say?How would I even face them?My future is ruined.What will I do in life?I am a loser,isn’t that what papa said.Yes I am.I could not succeed.I couldn’t score a 90%.What will the society say?They’ll taunt me for my entire life.These thoughts haunted him all the way to his house.Standing in front of the door to his house,instead of ringing the bell he ran upstairs to the terrace that stood above the 20 storeyed building.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he looked down.One step and I can escape the shame I would be bringing to my family when the result comes.Gathering every little drop of courage left inside him,he stepped ahead.The terrace stood alone in the scorching summer heat.20 floors below,drowned in blood,another victim of the merit system of education lied.