Thursday, 21 August 2014

If there is a reason,then its not love.

In the silence of the night with the moon giving out a faint light,they both stood there on the cliff top among the unending green valleys and mountains,the sound of the insects and crickets filling the quietness.The beautiful background made no difference to their eyes which were fixed on each other.She looked up while he stared down at her.
"Why do you love me so much?" ,he asked.
"I dont have any reason for that.Some things are more beautiful when they are unreasonable,aren't they?" ,she replied.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


She stood there in an uneasy anticipation.The surge of emotions fought from within to splurge out but she fought back equally stronger to hold them inward.She no more could find her voice to speak.As the hands of the clock played around,moving from one number to another,her hopes moved too from high to low.Slowly the feeling of vain expectations started taking her into it's clutches.
And then he appeared,across the border of the country which had held him captivated.Before her mind could speculate her next move,she found herself running towards him.The barriers were finally vanishing today.The prisoner of war had been set free.The next moment,she found herself tightly enclosed in his arms,involuntary tear's flowing out of their eye's.The wait of 22 years was finally over.The love that had submerged these two souls in itself 22 years ago stood their,still,smiling at it's victory of reunion.