Sunday, 15 June 2014

A hollowness

His hand had been tracing the lines on her hand for long.His fingers slowly found their way to slip through her's.Their hands were entwined.The surrounding was drowned in the silence of the darkness.Only the sound of their breathing filled the beautiful silence of the night.He locked his eyes onto her's.The embrace of his lips on her's,that feeling of his lips brushing against her skin should have felt heavenly but suddenly it seemed all her feelings had abandoned her.Nothing she could feel.The numbness had taken over her.Even her tears had vacated her.She wanted to cry but she couldn't.No feeling came.Neither of happiness nor of pain.He was kissing her just the way she had ever wanted.It was everything she had ever wanted and then it was nothing that she had ever wanted.And it was because he had changed.It was not the same him with whom she had dreamt of those dreams.There was a guy today kissing her passionately,loving her unconditionally but he was a different guy.It had been just two months with him.
She had thought she had moved over him in the past 6 months,the guy to whom she had given away herself but today,the question still lingered as the "other guy" moved down slowly to kiss her on the neck.