Friday, 3 April 2015


Through the night,the darkness slowly crept up into the emptiness.She lied in her bed,fighting against her own tears as her vision of the starry sky outside her bedroom's window became blurred time and again.The words echoed in the hollow of her head.She wanted to ask if really was it a crime to be what you want to be?Or is it for the society to decide your way of living?Haven't I been born to fulfill my dreams and aspirations and not theirs?But who would listen?who would answer?
"We are not going to let you go astray,making your stupid dream career.You will do exactly what we think is the best for you.Abandon every other thought you have."
The echo grew louder as did her ache.The most painfull of all things breaking is dreams because they are the ones that make no noise when they break but the kill the person on the inside dreaming them.She had nothing left.The only asset she possessed had been snatched away from her,encaging her in bars of societal expectations.She rolled around in her bed,buried down her face into the pillow and for the numereth time that night began the wailing of the shattered girl.