Monday, 22 June 2015

Looking Back

He was sitting in his backyard,bent over his newspaper.Mind wandering.A sudden shriek made him look up to see his grandchildren running,fighting,playing,rolling over each other with laughter.One of them asked the other one to climb up the big banyan tree that had been tenderely cared after since time immemorial.The other kid refused saying what if he fell down and failed to reach the top.Everyone would laugh.
An untold agony spread across the old man's heart,sitting and looking at his grandchildren.The past came haunting.The day when he had refused to live his dreams,his passion because of  the fear of failiure that not him but the world had implanted in his mind 50 years ago.Looking back,he found nothing substantial that he had done with his life that could now make him happy except his family and bank account.All his talent,dreams laid buried down somewhere deep in the past.He had nothing but the regret to have lived the life that he did not expect to but was expected of him by the world.Regrets,regrets and only regrets.Nothing else.

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