Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Move ahead

You know sometimes for getting out of something,you need to get into something else and that is exactly what she did.It had been over six months and her heart couldn't help get out of her break up with the guy who meant the world to her.
And then one day,she climbed down the stairs of her school and saw the face that had been waiting for her to come to him for the last one year.He knew she had been in relationship with someone else yet he loved her.Yet he waited.From nowhere,it struck her.For what do you wait?Your past is gone and your future awaits there,her heart said.She took steps ahead.Her eyes met the greenish hue of his eyes,and she skipped her heartbeat for that one time!Was it love again?
"Can we have a chance now?" she asked him.
His lips curved into a beam and he couldn't help but smile helplessly.
"Yes"  he said.
She hugged him tightly but something pinched inside her.With that pinch of unsurity and insecurity about her feelings and with exhilarating happiness in his heart,they both stood their wrapped in each other's arm,waiting for their story of love to begin.

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