Friday, 16 May 2014

A pretty Vengeance

A dishelleved image stared back at her from the mirror.The transformation started.A thick layer of concealer covered the red acne scars that had become more evident with the wash of tears,a coat of foundation followed next with face powder that renovated her tarnished skin to a flawless one.A thick stroke of kajal did the trick to hide the redness of her eyes,the eyes that had swollen from crying over night.She drew an outline on her upper lid to further compliment her hazel iris.The red lipstick succeeded,burying beneath it the lips that had dried up from the salt residued from her tears.Finally,a stroke of pink was brushed on each cheek and she looked back again into the mirror.And he said I am not pretty enough,she thought.I ought to show him what he has lost!And with that determination,concealing her emotions,she signed the movie of another director who was a rival of the director who had rejected her.

The date of release of the movies clashed on the same Friday and she garnered the accolades of the audience.The other movie suffered terribly.

A headline appeared in the newspaper next day, “Movie flops.Heavily indebted director commits suicide.”She read through the article with a smirk on her face saying to herself, “this girl whom you called ugly gave you an ugly end mr.director, didn’t it?”

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