Thursday, 8 May 2014

Rain-teeming memories

As i write this post,I am standing in the balcony of my home the sprays of rain hitting across my face,bringing with it the endless memories attached to these cold summer showers.Rains in particular have a strange tendency of opening up the many pages of your books of memory that you had tried burying somewhere in your head and that is exactlt what is happening with me.The drops of water,each of them remind me of him.Each drop shouts a different story of him and me,a different beautiful moment we had shared getting wet in these showers an year ago.The middle of the night we had walked down the roads holding each other's hands,living to the fullest every breath that night.The long drives we had been to with rain pouring heavily.I try to be strong but then sometimes,yes these tiny droplets do break my strength.
Rain is a beautiful thing.The most romantic weather actually but along with the romance comes the painful,scathing nostalgia that I unwillingly love to fall prey to.Today,every sudden smash of rain water is drenching me into my emotions that I have been faking for just so long.I am happy with where my life is today but yes,washing down this paint covering my emotions with this pure water for once feels good.And as i conclude,I feel a drop sliding down my cheeks.I wonder if it's the water droplet or the tear?

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