Friday, 23 May 2014

An escape

The last piece of clothing found it's place in the already full suitcase and the valise was closed shut.Her hands gathered courage to lift up the handle and the suitcase was raised.Pain shot up in her arms from yesterdays wound.Her body felt weak,her heart ached and tears trickled out of her eyes as she took steps towards the door of the house.For the last time she turned her face around to savour every part of the house in which she had been living for the last two years.A panorama of tortures that she had faced in every corner flashed in front of her.Every part of that house echoed a different cry,a different wail of her's.All the agony that she had faced.The walls against which innumerable times her face was smashed,the table whose glass had been used to pierce through her skin,the chair that was raised to hit her,the flowerpot that had hit her head so hard that she had got a permanent blood clot in her brain,every object in that house today articulated her to go away from this torment before he came back to torture her again in yet another way.The door closed behind her as she took the first step in two years out of her own personal little hell towards a free,exultant life with a determination to punish him for the acts of violence that he had committed.

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