Tuesday, 6 May 2014

An introduction

Well this is the first post and so I ought to be introducing myself.So,Hiee!I am an optimistic teenager who has seen like a lot in life in the last 17 years.Shubhi-the name itself means everything good and that is exactly what my perpective is.I look at everything from a good perpective.
From being the star child of my parents to being a perfect girlfriend for a guy who with whom I broke up just 6 months ago.Growing up is silly and yet it teaches soo much that at times I do feel that maybe we should actually start living rather than worrying for the consequences and that is exactly what I have started to do.At first,yaa it was a bit messy for me when for once everything seemed out of place,nothing made sense and I used to feel my life is a waste but it’s all about waiting.I learnt to have patience and I learnt to never underestimate the beautiful gift of life.Things will go wrong and then they will become alright and then maybe again go wrong but quitting is never the option.I once read somewhere a beautiful quote that has been inspiring me since then for everytime I think anything to be impossible.

It always seems impossible until it is done” –by Nelson Mandela

At first it seemed impossible that the little baby I used to be would change one day into such a big mature girl but then I did.It used to seem impossible for me to understand my parents but as time passed and I grew up,I started understanding them and now the understanding I have with them is amazing.For living without him,it used to seem impossible but then yes  we did part our ways and yet I am living as happily and emotionally more stronger than before.So you know,as I embark on this journey of sharing my moments,I hope I discover more and more.

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