Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Exams?Or disguised murderer?

Scribble.Scribble.Scribble.There was an eerie silence pertaining in the examination hall where 30 students sat,scribbling on a piece of paper their answers which were going to determine the future of each of them. “Last five minutes.” the invigilator announced.The scribbling got faster.His hands ached from writing continuously for the last three hours.He wanted to give up yet he could not.He wanted to cry for he knew he won’t be able to score more than 70% in the boards but he just didn’t have the time for it.He wrote and wrote till the sheet was snatched.The blow of reality struck him hard.He sat there still in the hall while the others moved out.70% and no admission in any good college.What would my parents say?How would I even face them?My future is ruined.What will I do in life?I am a loser,isn’t that what papa said.Yes I am.I could not succeed.I couldn’t score a 90%.What will the society say?They’ll taunt me for my entire life.These thoughts haunted him all the way to his house.Standing in front of the door to his house,instead of ringing the bell he ran upstairs to the terrace that stood above the 20 storeyed building.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he looked down.One step and I can escape the shame I would be bringing to my family when the result comes.Gathering every little drop of courage left inside him,he stepped ahead.The terrace stood alone in the scorching summer heat.20 floors below,drowned in blood,another victim of the merit system of education lied.

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